Ninh Binh: Teachers Free to Adultery & Prostitution

Teacher: Kim Anh Pham

Kim Anh Pham, teacher of KhanhLoi Secondary School, Yen Khanh District, Ninh Binh Province

     A true and extraordinary story of woman teacher Kim Anh Pham, who is currently teaching in Khanh Loi Secondary School, Yen Khanh district, Ninh Binh province, North of Vietnam. Ms. Kim Anh has committed adultery with her colleague (illegal affair) and worked as a prostitute since 2005, but today still “boldly, valiant stand” on the lecture podium and to be considered as a good teacher!

     As the story said Ms. Kim Anh had adultery with Mr. Đoan Van Quang, her collegue in Khanh Loi Secondary School since 2005 while her husband Binh wearing ill death penalty. Her husband suffered from HIV virus and his disease began reaching to AIDS period. One year later on, Kim Anh and Quang had a boy named Quan. This was known by almost of her friends and collegues, and neighbourhood as well at that time. Some of her friends and collegues show their objections and dissuaded Kim Anh just to stopping that illegal action. However, Kim Anh had denied her adultery and kept her illegal affair with Quang.

     Far from having adultery with her collegue, in 2008, after her husband died by AIDS, Kim Anh started a new illegal affair with another man, who already married and had children, living in Hanoi, capital of Vietnam. This man was Tao, of whom the wife has been suffering from a incurable disease and had to stay in her bed almost time. Leaving all comments and criticism behind, she, Kim Anh imputdenly kept both illegal affairs without shamefulness.

     Having experience in adultery through years, Kim Anh became a sly woman. She was not a adulteress, but a prostitute, and a “fortune-digger”. Kim Anh began to dig for money from her adulterer Tao as much as possible. That was because she wanted to swiftly get much money without hard working. This proved her work-shy nature which was disguised with her rustic face. As a result of her sophisticated expedient, Kim Anh took a pile of money from Tao. Though Tao knew throughly about that, he still kept giving her money just as exchange of sex. Certainly, Tao was a quite sophisticated adulterer in his age.

     Now, Kim Anh has proudly worked either as a teacher and lustful prostitute in Khanh Loi Secondary School without any blame or discipline from authorities. The question is why Kim Anh has been not inspected and punished for her unacceptable and illegal actions so far today. It is not difficult to understand that Kim Anh has been covered up by several authorities in Khanh Loi Secondary School, Education Department and People’s Committee of Ninh Binh as well. “Adultery is just private life. Prostitute is police’s responsibility. This is not our duty”, irresponsibly said by several authorities. It is only in Vietnam there are such unique words spoken by several unique iresponsible authorities as well as such lustful prostitute just wearing a mask of teacher.


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