Adultery or prostitution: Which is the worst sin? (by Bogar)

Adultery or prostitution, which is the worst sin? Is prostitution more sinner than adultery or adultery more sinner than prostitution. Here is a Hypothesis.

Both are prohibited, by all the religions. Throughout the known sources of human history in all the civilization both are negatively considered. They are exceptions too.

The enlightened soul Buddha, stayed as a guest in a prostitute house. It was almost like a palace. Under her, there are many girls ‘serving’ the society. She has great influence with Ministers, Business people and she is an indirect influence to government. The prostitute invited Buddha as a divine soul, not as her customer. Her motive was to get the bliss of Buddha.

Some countries have legalized the prostitution, some are not. In India, if a prostitute or pimp publicly runs the ‘business’, she will be arrested as on date.

But in Buddha’s period, it seems to be that prostitution was accepted, in other words it was not considered as illegal. It might be considered as sin, but it was not banned.

Silapathikaram is a popular Tamil literary work. One of the main character in silapathikaram is ‘Madavi’, she is a prostitute.

Throughout the history, kings and rich people maintain more than one wife. This is widely accepted even now. Religion and moral ban prostitution. But power and wealth can get an exception to prostitution.

If you read, ‘From Volga to Ganga’, you can come across a custom, where husband let his wife sleep with his guest. It was a sort of hospitality. It was not considered as adultery by the husband or the society when this custom was practiced. ‘Adithi hospitality’.

If you study Anthropology, you can find various tribal group all over the world, allow woman to have sex with more than one man.

There was a stage or culture in the human history where having sex with more than one woman or vice versa is allowed. It was not considered as Adultery.

The development of male dominated feudalism lead to treat woman as a property or pride to man. Father’s identity to children and property possession by legal heirs, created two new sin called Adultery and Prostitution.

Adultery and Prostitution are twins, born to the parents ‘Feudalism and Private property’.

Now let us come to the topic, which is more sin. Let us assess it by finding, which is causing more damage to the society.

The city of Trojan was destroyed because of Adultery.

Adultery is a breach of commitment from two persons. It is a treachery. Faith of two persons are disappointed.

Prostitution is a breach of commitment from one person. For prostitute, it is her business though it is considered as wrong business. She is not cheating anybody. Her customer cheats his wife.

A married man cheats two people in adultery. His wife and the husband of his secret lover. This is same to married woman who commits adultery.

If you have rough count of number of families broken by Adultery and Prostitution, it is adultery has broken more number of families.

Adultery breaks family, lead to many murders, suicides, and divorces.

In prostitution, economy of a family may get depleted. But family can survive by wife’ chastity and her love towards her children.

Prostitution steals the economy of a family, but at the same time it prevents some families from breaking.

Moreover, men engaging with prostitutes are not going to be unmarried forever. They will get married. If they are already having a family, they will not abandon their family because of prostitutes. But in adultery, many people abandon their family and eloped with their secret lovers.

Society is damaged by Adultery by destroying its macro units called family.

Prostitution does not damage the society apart from the personal life and grievances of prostitutes. Number of people cheated by prostitution is one – wife of the man.

So, adultery is more sinner than prostitution.

Source:  Adultery and Prostitution – by Bogar


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